Singing After Forty “Club”


The “Singing after Forty“ Club  
 A new subscription membership that will offer members a wide array of training features and other specials such as:
1. A Weekly vocal exercise, warm-up, or singing tip (audio and/or video)
2. Complimentary 15 minute private vocal consultation session with Barbara Lewis (You must have access to Skype.) – a 15$ value
3. 10% discount on private voice consultation and coaching prices
4.  Access to the new “Singing After Forty” – “The Basics” series of videos – a $49.00 value. This series will be rolled out gradually as the club progresses. (See description down the page.)
5. Reduced rates on other  instructional videos. For example:  “How To Really Prepare A Song – The Nuts & Bolts!” to get you ready for auditions and performances

And coming later…
- A chance to be featured in the “Singing after Forty” Profile series
- Interactive pages where members can talk with one another
- Other insider information that pertains especially to the interests of singers over forty (vocal issues, health issues, other musical needs.)
- In time, I will invite other singing experts to contribute information (audio, video & written) to the club, as well.
- An annual “Singing after Forty” Club Webinar (web-based seminars)

SINGING AFTER FORTYThe video series, “Singing After Forty” – The Basics – Level 1 will take singers, step by step, through the fundamentals of good singing.This will be a fun, lively, relaxed and informal video series brought to you from long-time professional singer/vocal coach, Barbara Lewis especially for singers-over-forty who are just beginning to live their singing dream.
Also useful for more experienced singers who would like to be reminded about the good basic habits of healthy singing.

THE 10-PART VIDEO SERIES will cover the following information plus much more!
- A simple, effective routine of physical exercises to keep you loose and strong for your singing work out
- Guided breathing exercises to improve your breathing capacity and control. (Also includes humming exercises)
- Tips on posture, tongue & jaw position, and ways to hear better
- Finding & keeping the right mental/vocal attitude as you move into your first vocal sounds
- “Playing” with your voice as you gradually warm up (singing with the spirit of “play”)
- Daily exercises, vocalises and other technical approaches to help you extend your range, build volume and  gain greater control of your voice.

Plus 3 simple warm-up sequences on video and/or MP3:
Singing in the shower
(Put on your shower cap!)
 Singing in your car
Preparing for an audition or concert

NOTE! Singers who join this membership series do NOT have to be looking for a career. The information is presented in an easy and informal manner that will be useful to those who are hoping to have a little fun with their voices and for those who would like to get more serious about singing. In this kind of work, you get out of it what you put into it. Everyone will advance in their own way and at their own pace.

If  you are interested in hearing more about the “Singing after Forty” Club,
please let me know by e-mail:  Use the subject title – “Keep me posted on the SAF Club.” 

There is no obligation in doing this. I will use these e-mails as an indication of how many people are interested. And you will hear about the Club only as it gets closer to the launch date.


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